About the confection-crazed kitchen kvetch

I’ll formally compose this page later. But since you’re already here, I’ll give a very brief intro:

Hello — I’m Marcia.  I became obsessed with the wonderful world of chocolate and confection making sometime in 2011 after buying Peter. P. Greweling’s book Chocolates and Confections at Home with The Culinary Institute of America. After reading much of the text and attempting a few of the recipes, I was hooked. I’ve since expanded my chocolate-themed book collection to at least 12 titles (one dating back to 1929!) and am currently devouring the “professional” version of Greweling’s book with hopes of trying some of its recipes very soon.

This blog is merely my attempt to document my trials and tribulations not only in the world of chocolate and confections, but in any related realm as far as my time and energy permit.

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